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Protecting you

Hi Ladies!

Hi Ladies!!
So excited to announce that I am back at work to see you all.
At this stage, the number of clients that can be accommodated per day is limited. The salon is fully sanitized after each client. I will do my best to accommodate you as best as possible. Masks are up to you. It’s not possible for me to use a mask when threading so I will not have one on.
To keep us all safe and accommodate you, I have put some basic protocols in place: 
  1. If you have any symptoms please advise me in advance and reschedule the appointment.
  2. Please note that bags are not allowed in the salon. 
  3. Jackets, scarfs etc need to be left in the car if you not going to be wearing it all the time.
  4. Keys and phone is fine but keep it on you (no putting stuff around)
  5. Shoes are to please be left outside before you enter. 
  6. The sanitizer will be available on entry please, sanitize before the treatment. The sanitizer will be available at any time you need. I will sanitize throughout the appointment too.
  7. Please avoid cash when paying as far as possible. EFT or Geo payments are far safer.
For everyone’s safety please understand and follow these protocols.
Thank you in advance


No symptoms
No jackets - covid 19 protocols beauty at  home
No Jackets
No shoes - covid-19 protocols - beauty at home
No shoes

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